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I am so excited to journey with you as you ignite your life and relationships with love, sweet love! 

I am a trained life coach and a writer. I have published in the Field Exchange and am currently working on my first novel. I hold an M.S. in Food Policy and Nutrition.

I offer relationship transformation coaching, welcoming in a soulmate creatively coaching, and creative communication coaching. I coach both individuals and couples.

I AM A a joyful lover of life, cook, baker, cat fan, novel junkie, kirtan lover, traveler, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, significant other, deep soul diver, walker, photographer, tea pot collector, comfy pillow snatcher, snuggly hugger, foodie, activist, quote sharer, former Peace Corps Volunteer, Peace Education Facilitator, nutritionist and mountain-loving, creative woman!

Journal Entry, “A Wish Book” Journal, 1997:

“Dear Spirit of Love: I really feel like I will never meet anyone, I will never hear these words from a soulmate, “I love you deeply”… My deepest heart and soul want it so bad. But, it will never happen for me. Why? My question rings to the skies, way up high, but there is no reply. I wish there was something I could do.”

As you can see, over the span of many years, I have experienced the ups and downs of longing for what I considered to be a “true love” in my life. Through the beautiful, messy process of living, I have discovered that I have many soulmates in this life. Through deep soul diving and shifting to a perspective of abundance, I have welcomed in a deep, unconditional Love in my life.

I have had many adventures across the lands and oceans of our physical earth. I have delved deeply into the seas of internal growth and personal discovery. The complex waters of relationship have taught me more of unconditional love. I have journeyed far and long and within the gift of this space, I discovered a great sea love containing waves that whistle, sing, and chant so powerfully, I must share their song of love with you! This love extends both inward and outward. I continually strive to remain in a space of integrity in all of my relationships. This is a process, and of course, when I allow my inner critic to take over, I may stumble, and I may perceive that the ocean floor  of life can cut my feet with sharp shells. And, though sea creatures may bite, the gifts I find through deep soul diving are juicy, yummy, and absolutely delightful. Most importantly, the journey is beautiful!

As your coach, I can journey with you.

I have facilitated groups and worked with individuals in the U.S., Ireland, Madagascar, and Uganda. I am committed to empowered living, from the soul!

I believe that when we live in a state of love, we evolve ourselves and our relationships forward and in this way, we shift closer to wholeness, and can align mindfully with our life’s purpose through taking soul-aligned action. In soul-aligned action, our actions align directly with our our love-based commitments.

Schedule a complimentary 40 minute coaching session with me by submitting a contact form! Let’s discover if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship. Depending upon your geographic location, this session can be conducted in person or via phone.